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projectEG 02-04-2007 04:26 PM

DA and DC suspension parts compatible?
I'm going to buy a coilover setup for my 90 integra. I'm looking at Tein SS, or Tanabe SUSTEC PRO S-0C Type II. What parts are different in the DA and DC chassis? Is it just the rear LCA's, and the front forks?

The reason is I also have a 92 civic hb and one day these parts might move on to it, so I would rather order for that chassis if it is possible. I am going to buy the Blox LCA's for my integra anyway, so if the rear setup for a DC would work on a DA, should I just order the blox LCA's for a DC? And then get DC integra front forks? And then order the suspension for a DC? To put on my DA?

Is this making sense?

I would like to order tomorrow so help me please!!

Also, does skunk2 not make adjustable upper control arms for DA's?
What camber kit do you recommend?

Mikeyspec 02-09-2007 03:37 AM

Rear lcas are the same, the front forks are different. The geometry height wise is all wrong between the two though. The DA uses taller rear springs and also has EF style shorter stroke shocks up front. Using the improper suspension will cause uneven wear along your bushings. For camber kits, nobody makes one to dial in positive camber, reason being is that there is no room between the front upper a arm and frame rail. I believe there was a company that made some for the DA, but it required a good amount of hacking your car to make it work without clunking against the frame. I reccomend something simple like an ingalls, spc, or eibach setup.

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